Our solutions

Gla Packed provides you with modern solutions for your garage. They are safer than the traditional doors and look good as well. Here are some of our solutions.

New electric garage door installation

Gla Packed can add style and security to your home. We can install any door as long as there are enough head room and electric supply. The electric garage door is controlled and operated by a push-button handset. You need to be at a distance of about 30 meters. You will be given two handsets for you to keep in your car.

Electric garage door accessories

We have a huge range of electric garage door accessories. When our engineers go to repair or fit a garage door, they walk through different accessories that are appropriate for the type of door you have in your premise.

Electric garage door repairs

We have a large number of spares in our stock. We can provide professional repair service for your broken garage door. We can do the repair works with minimum hassle.

Our workers are very dedicated in their work.They are experts in the field and can provide you excellent solutions for your garage door. We provide a guarantee on the electric garage doors that we install. You can have a look at the products we have in our showroom. You will get an idea of what kind of solutions we provide to our clients.